Alaska is upside down when it comes to public safety. The criminals come first and everybody else is last. Check out our legislatures’ voting records on SB 91. Did you know Alaska has Judges whom allow violent criminals out of jail during the judicial process?

Here is the link for SB 91:

Review who supported it. Actions speak louder than words.

SB 54 is not the answer – it is a weak gap filler which is better than nothing.

What needs to happen? Repeal SB91 and enact smaller, manageable laws to address specific POSITIVE changes – in the best interest of law-abiding citizens. It’s called “Public Safety.”

Here is the link to the AK Judges:

Look up different cases for judgments (note the presiding Judge). When it’s time to vote, be sure to vote: “Yes, retain” or “No, do not retain” based on their judgements.

For example, recently in the Mat-Su, an alleged kidnapper and rapist had been released to a custodian (his parents). He left the custodian’s house and committed some of the same criminal acts to the same victim! On the heels of this case, a judge released an alleged murderer out to his parents. We need judges to JUDGE with “Public Safety” in mind – first and foremost.

Apparently, the trend is to be compassionate towards criminals. How about compassion for the victims. Due process is already on steroids; now, it seems the victims and the public don’t count for much. There is a perception that many actions and inactions within the judicial system reflect a “culture of indifference.”

Here are a few ideas to make a difference: engage, learn and share; write letters/emails to any applicable representative and community leaders; attend community meetings and attend court hearings; hit social media; and when it comes time to vote, VOTE! We have an amazing state, amazing opportunities and amazing people. Public Safety must be a priority.

Edie Grunwald

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